About Fitted Mesh

WHAT IS FitMesh – also known as Fitted Mesh?

+ FitMesh is a new rigged mesh system
+ FitMesh garments (clothes, accessories, etc.) respond to your avatar shape
sliders similar to the avatar body does
+ FitMesh garments move along body as your Avabody move, the same way
standard mesh items do.
+ But FitMesh makes garments fitting significantly better
+ It provides opportunities to create more variety of the same garment, such as pregnant clothes, big size clothes, small breast/big breast clothes, children
clothes, etc)
+ FitMesh garment also responds to body physics, such as; breast and bottom
HOW TO adjust FitMesh slider?

1. Wear your Fitmesh Item by chosing the FitMesh clothing from your inventory and “add” it to your Avi. Then mark the wearable Alpha and “add” it too.

2. Change the Fitting of your FitMesh (if neccessary) by clicking your Avi and chose “edit my shape” from the pop-up menu. Now you can play with the sliders and have fun watching your garment responding to different body shapes. BUT to keep your original Avis shape ALWAYS save your changes under a new name.

+ Saddle bag slider settings somehow doesn’t react well with the form, saddle
bag settings should be set to zero for good form of clothes.

+ Expect some texture distortions for some outfits for some poses. It would be
more visible especially on narrow strip shadow areas such as stitch lines.

– Consider FitMesh garments as garments you can change shape same as body shape rather than ultimate fitting tool.

– To fit garments perfectly you may need to use sliders (most of the time a little bit).

– Even though FitMesh should solve most fitting issues, you will still need alpha maps to prevent unsightly clippings.

– The FitMesh system is not ultimate fitting tool for every shape. Unless the garment is made for a specific shapes, some sliders with extreme values may break FitMesh garments (usually less than 10 and greater than 90).

– While fitting boots, you need to play with leg muscles and knee angle (knee angle is usually the most crucial part to fit right).

– FitMesh is a creative fun tool as well as a fitting tool.


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