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The Beach Party

shine by [ZD] presents:


Fun Mesh Beach Fashion & Accessoires

only available from Juli 16 to 31 – don’t miss it



shine by [ZD] @ Black Only 3

BLACK ONLY 3 - shine by [ZD] frilled mesh blouse BLACK ONLY 3 - shine by [ZD] ribboned mesh cardigan


shine by [ZD] @ Black Only 3 

Limited Time offer!

The Garage Fashion Fair



shine by [ZD] @ The Garage Fashion Fair 

15. – 29. May 2013

Special Offers!

Designer Showcase May 2013

shine by [ZD] complete SUMMER Mesh outfit - DS MAY 2013 NEU


shine by [ZD] @ The Designer Showcase
Top + Pants
Limited Time offer ! 89 L$ only!

Desginer Circle CW 18

shine by [ZD] GIRLS MESH LOSE TEE get the cat - DC 53


shine by [ZD] @ The Designer Circle

Limited Time offer !

SL Fashion Week CW 14/15


shine & sharp by [ZD] @ The SL Fashion Week

Limited Time offer !

Mesh Cargo Shorts  – 4 styles
Mesh Open Shirt with T for the boys

Relay for Life


March 9-17

The Collective – Winter Fashion Show


 – The Collective –


“The Shine of Winter” 

A Winter Fashion Show featuring  shine & sharp by [ZD]

23.01.2013 – 1 PM SLT 

Entry: 12 pm SLT 


* please keep your script to a limit of 50 – to avoid lag – Thank you!!!

We’ll Live And Die In These Towns





  • Sunglasses: MESH – Aviators Sunglasses – <Redgrave>
  • Scarf: MESH – Tubescarf Black Knit – <shine by [ZD]>
  • Shirt: NON-Mesh – Black Longsleeves M2 – <kal rau>
  • Jacket: MESH – Military Jacket Grey – <sharp by [ZD]>
  • Gloves: MESH – Dexter Void – <fatewear>
  • Jeans: MESH – Straight Jeans Black – <sharp by [ZD]>
  • Boots: NON-Mesh – Aviator Boots Yeager Worn – <Gos>


The Grey Collection

grey collection poster

A special collection inspired by a very cool urban style with great mix and match items to create your own favourite styles.

This is not a regular add-on to our fashionline but a limited time offer which will start today and will close in 4 weeks … so don’t miss it.